Our Projects. 

 In the past year, the FOWB have met school groups on-site, developed a field trip guide and activities; monitored plantings and fence integrity; monitored trails and cormorant/heron rookeries; removed trash; mowed around plantings; reported on areas of needed work and more. if you would like to get involved, go to our Get Involved page! 

Recent Projects:

November 15, 2018

Thanks to all the FOWB volunteers (Bob, Chas, Roy, Michael, Roy) who were able to make it out on Thursday. A beautiful fall day was shared with the UW Restoration class (about 10 college students) who helped clear the Overlook Trail and then moved on to Weyer Point with Michele to learn more of the restoration from an industrial site to a natural area.

November 2, 2018

Marshal Middle School CSI Program came to Woodard bay with 60 students, 2 teachers, and numerous chaperones. DNR Rep. Michele Z, and FOWB Ed. Team member, Roy S were on hand to escort the group along the Loop Trail and Weyer Point to talk about the flora and fauna of the site, and the restoration from the logging operation. They were on site for nearly 3 hours and left with a greater appreciation of Woodard Bay and its rich cultural, historical, natural significance.

October 10, 2018

FOWB Fall Meeting

(see notes to right)

August 11, 2018

Katie Houle from the Pacific Shellfish Institute, a non-profit in Olympia, will be hosting the South Sound BioBlitz Aug. 11th. A beach survey for invertebrates will be conducted from 10am-Noon at Woodard Bay and all are welcome. This is an event open to the public w/advanced registration. The link is available at the website, pacshell.org.


July 27, 2018

A volunteer from FOWB teamed with Michele from DNR to give ~25 members of the local Friendship Force Club access to the skid shack and information about the WB restoration.

July 25, 2018

An educator will be bringing a group of 4-5 year olds out to WB. Pat Wald from the FOWB Ed Team will meet them and give an orientation to the site!


July 10, 2018

2 more volunteers met for pin flagging native vegetation on Shincke Rd. from 9-12!


June 29, 2018

4 FOWB Volunteers met Michele at the Shincke property to pin flag native plants so they don't get mowed with the tall grass.

June 12, 2018

20+ attendees from around the country and Canada, attending a National White-Nose (Bat) Syndrome workshop, came to WB to learn more about the bats that call the pier at Weyer Point their home. FOWB volunteers from the Ed Team were able to meet and orient the group and join them to learn more about the bats.

June 1, 2018

 6 FOWB volunteers (and Michele!) accomplished the following:

  • Parking lot de-weeded

  • Graffiti on car stop parking bumpers painted over

  • Most graffiti on signs and kiosks removed

  • Cages and poles removed from mature/dead plants above parking area 

  • Cages and poles removed from area near Skid Shack

  • Cages and poles transported and stored at storage shed

  • Extensive invasive weed removal around Columbine flowers at Weyer Point

  • Covered picnic area swept of debris

  • Lost and found box decommissioned, and emptied of nearly 1/2 full trash

  • Visitors with dog coming out of Whitham Rd informed of rules and reason why (thanks, Michele)

April 23, 2018

DNR, FOWB, along with Stephanie Bishop from So. Sound Green and Aeriel Wauhob, AmeriCorps member, hosted a class from Salish Middle School, led by teacher Charlie Sittingbull, who showed the 16 students edible plants that could be found at WB.  We finished up by pulling invasive species and removing cages from dead plants near Weyer Point. A small garbage bag of trash from the many weekend visitors was collected and removed from the site.


Earth Day, April 22, 2018

The Earth Day Work party at Shincke Rd went very well - 6 FOWBers, Jan, Rich, Bob, 2 Roy's, and newcomer Roy C's middle school grandson Cole, along with Michele from DNR completed flagging an expansion line for new plants, and tagged plants vulnerable to mowing. Beautiful weather!

March 18, 2018

The South Sound chapter of the Native Plant Society is going to be at Woodard Bay this coming Sunday afternoon at 1 pm.

March 3, 2018

Bob Wadsworth led a BH Audubon group birding out to Weyer Point.. Many birds sighted, including 60 GBH's that later moved to the trees across the bay to roost. 


Feb. 6, 2012

February First Friday Work Party Update

Nine volunteers worked on the Loop Trail! 


First thing we noticed was fresh car window glass in the parking lot - keep valuables OUT OF SIGHT!

Two downed trees were sawn and removed with a bow saw.

Gravel was spread on bare places and depressions on the trail. The pond overlook platform was drained and cleared of soggy leaves. And water drainages were opened up along the trail, and most boardwalks cleared of water-holding leaves.

December 2, 2017 - Other needed future tasks include: 

*any trail maintenabce that comes up

*Fence & sign needs replacing next to pond abutting Chehalis Western trail.

*Concrete canoe feature needs to be stabilized

*Missing Gate (location?)

*Inventory of Storage Unit

*Pull cages from dead trees, or those which no longer need protecting at WB site; Schinke; and Esterly properties

*Continue clean up of Skid Shack  get heater going

*Replace lock on electrical outlet on picnic shelter

*Fix wooden benches at "Newt Pond" observation deck and wooden bences along Loop trail

December 1, 2017 - Our first ever "First Friday Work Day" was a huge accomplishment of Volunteer Power. We were able to clear the rest of the Overlook Trail to it's original standard of being All Abilities Accessible, with the exception of a huge tree that will call for a chainsaw crew to clear in the upcoming days. Much work was done on removing cages from dead or mature trees at Weyer Point, and the Skid Shack was sanitized.


November 16, 2017 - Fall meeting of FOWB  - 

There was lots of good sharing, discussion and ideas - including how we might be able to have a regular presence for needed volunteer work at WB.  We decided to try a "FIRST FRIDAY" of the month (10-2) work party to see if we could start trying to address some of the work that needs to be done. First workdate will be Friday Dec 1.

November 3, 2017 - FOWB volunteers met with DNR staff and personnel from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for an audit tour at Woodard Bay. Despite chilly temps and rain and snow mix, we had a satisfying tour of the site, including the Weyer Point shelter, and (a very tidy) skid shack. 

Oct. 26, 2017 - The UW Tacoma Ecological Restoration class made their annual trip to Woodard Bay and joined DNR personnel and FOWB volunteers with a focus on cleaning up the Overlook trail.

Oct 8, 2017 Beach Docent Training at WB with Susan Shelton during minus tide.

Sept. 30, 2017 (Saturday) Work party 10-2 at WB parking lot

Volunteers were treated to mostly sunny skies and a brief shower as we cleared the loop trail of downed trees and vegetation, cleaned up the parking lot of overgrown weeds, and tackled the cleaning of the skid shack. Two new volunteers, Janet and Brant joined us for the work party. Next: Take down cages from trees, and clear the now-open Overlook trail of encroaching vegetation.

Aug 18 - Volunteers walked Overlook Trail to see if birds were still nesting and posted this report: 

"Cormorants are really loud, active, carrying food to the nests.  Some of the nests have more than one bird in it and birds in the nest are flapping, like they are getting ready to become flyers.   Lots and lots of cormorants.  Several to a branch in places. One dead cormorant on the overlook trail, lots of white, area really smells of fishy bird poop.  Take care in the nettles on the trail. Virtually no trash except a private label beer bottle.

No sign of GBH, except 3 in the water that might have been a smaller heron type."

July 29 - FOWB Ed Team provided Field Trip Orientation Information to Cub Scouts families visiting WB for evening Bat Viewing

July 12 - FOWB Volunteers joined DNR personnel in guiding Squaxin Island Summer Camp Group along forest trail and then provided interpretive info at Weyer Point.

June 22  - Beach clean-up report - Just reporting in on the Woodard Bay cleanup.  We were successful in picking up and disposing of almost all the debris we piled on the shoreline.  We left behind three big pieces of iron that were just too
heavy to pick up with the equipment we had. We did get the old car axle and oil stand & they're gone now.
Rich Gleckler was a great help on logistics and manpower.  The WCC crew members were great, Pat and Aria were lots of help.  We couldn't havedone it without George Kaminsky and his boat operator, and his boat, from Dept of Ecology.  The Port of Olympia gave us free haulout services and helped with disposal of the debris.

Earth Day April 21, 2017 - WESCU Work Party - WESCU employees, along with FOWB volunteers, arrived in mass on this Earth Day to work on trails, remove litter, pull weeds, and generally provide routine maintenace of the area. Great way to spend Earth Day!

News & Upcoming Events

October 10, 2018 FOWB MEETING NOTES:

New dog sign on gate – clearly states No Dogs, and gives the reasons why, and options of nearby places where people CAN go to walk their dogs. Has to be more effective in informing people.


Car Prowls – No glass seen in lot recently, indicating fewer car prowls. Thurston Crime report indicates no car prowls, but will check again because of reference to burglary in area.


Michele updated projects – Work is proceeding on Shincke Rd property, getting the soil ready for planting in January. Michele will look into diversity of plantings. The red house and barn that was just to the North of the recently demolished house and barn has been purchased by DNR, and will meet similar fate. If you know of anyone who wants to buy the barn, and remove it in it’s entirety, they may bid on it until October 17. Michele will contact the right people to address trespassing and fishing in lake next to CW Trail and repairing fence to discourage this.


Went over possible November work projects – On November 15, a UW Restoration class will be coming to WB to work on projects – this will probably be our next work party, and we will look at clearing the Overlook Trail to the end; and at that time, a team will assess needed work to rehabilitate “Newt Pond” platform on Loop Trail – possibly increasing drainage by raising bottom rail, and repairing/replacing benches which have fallen into disrepair.


Future Work Parties – will be announced as work is needed with specific projects and specific dates.


WB is experiencing increased usage, however, all vandalism and improper usage (fires, drones, vegetation picking, bicycles, parking lot partying, etc) seem to be few and far between and not damaging to WB at this time. At least not enough to increase security patrols (nobody wants to venture ½ mile in to Weyer Point to confront late night partiers), or put up additional signage, or pursue locking the front gate (there are no funds to pay for someone to do this). Security measures will be reconsidered w additional occurrences, esp if damage is incurred. We would like to see safe passage for visitors who park at Upper Lot and walk to Lower Lot, but bridge is the bottleneck, and a DOT issue -solutions included a cantilevered walkway on water side of bridge; a ferry at high water; and a zip line - OK, we had some fun at the mtg also :)


Survey of visitors - At one of the work parties, we will ask someone to (wo)man a table at Weyer Point and do a brief survey, and ask people how is their experience, would it be helpful to have a “guided tour” brochure for Loop Trail, or anything else that could make their visit more enjoyable.


There was more discussion – Michele will be pursuing a number of topics. Will send out a work party notice for November 15 closer to the date!